Plot hole big enough to drive a truck through?
So Supernatural tonight...did anyone else think there was a plot hole big enough to drive a truck through?

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Yay! Kindle format conversion
So I found this really cool thing here:

It will import Word docs or html and convert them to Kindle format.  

I played around with some of mine and it's really neat to see them on your Kindle looking like real books!

(Yes, you can read PDFs on the Kindle but it's a pain.  This way they are formatted for the screen correctly so no zooming or scrolling right and left.)

Note to self - How to Warn Behind a Blur
Highlight to read warnings. Can I do this? YES!"


GISHWHES is slowly liquefying my brain
Any one out there not participating but know of one of the items you could help a team out with?  Our team has good hardworking members, but we don't seem to be in the right places to do many of them.  If you have  kind heart and what to take part leave me a message!

WTF? Supernatural
So I've already posted this rant on here too.   GRRRRRRRR  I am SO not a happy Supernatural camper tonight...spoilers for the last two episodes under the cut.

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Anybody on Rhino Team 4 want to team up again for Gishwhes?
If you do leave a comment!

Thoughts on doing a Con from the "Cheap Seats"
Just got back from Chicon.  Only did the General Admission thing and I know there was a lot I missed without a Gold/Silver, but I had fun anyway.  

Karaoke was awesome and Guy Bee was to talk to him for a few minutes about his muscle cars and he showed me his tattoo!  Got a Chad Lindberg hug when he and Matt were out roaming the crowd.  Caught Rick Worthy in the hall...Jared said "hi" in the lobby, and of course I finally got to meet's hoping that he responds to my throwing of the gauntlet in WWF!   

I walked into the photo op with Misha and held out my blue sweater for him to put on and he shrugged right into it.   I took the time before I left to sew a plain white label into it and had him sign it.  At some point I'll auction that puppy off for Random Acts, but I'll wear it one more winter at least.

Of course my main goal in the whole thing was to make sure the friend I took had fun and got her Misha hug...and she did so mission accomplished!

Tumb1r hate fest...sheesh
So I'm hanging out on Tumb1r and there are all these angry posts about the show and where it's going, which characters need to go away and which actors can't act their way out of a paper bag.  Seriously...I don't see it...these are my thoughts on the subject (already posted on Tumbl1r.

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No Asylum 7 for me :(
Well I was looking forward to going to A7, but it looks like I won't be able to go.  My Dad has come down with shingles and something else I don't remember the name of, so I just don't feel like I can be that far away and leave my Mom alone to take care of the horses.  I'm still going to Chicon (which is close enough that I can get home in a few hours if I need to), so there's that, but I was really looking forward to meeting Death at A7. : (

Cautionary note to those who are looking at a Rogue Events Con...they apparently aren't one bit flexible about changing tickets.  I emailed and asked if they could change my ticket to A8 instead and they refused.  So now I"m out £95 for the ticket and the $150 it will take to cancel my FF ticket and redeposit the miles.  I would think they could be somewhat flexible under the circumstances, but nope.  Didn't even offer to do it if I could get some sort of note from my Dad's Dr...just no.  I just glad I hadn't bought any photo ops or upgrades.

Thoughts on Season 7 so far...
So I've had some time to digest Supernatural Season 7 Episodes 1 - 3.  Thoughts under the cut...

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