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Going to Nashcon after all!
So I was going to have to skip NashCon cause my Dad was sick, but he says go on so I've decided to go.  Looks like it will be small since I was able to buy a Gold Ticket today, so maybe I'll get to ask Misha that question that littlehollyleaf and I really want an answer to!  

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Yay! Whether you get to ask the question or not, I'm happy you're getting to go hon :)

Thanks. Not only am I going...I'm going Gold!

Looks to be a small con since there were still Gold Tickets available last night when I ordered and they are basically begging people to come for tickets at the door.

I'll do my best to ask the question if he doesn't harass me to death and keep me from actually asking it!

I didn't get to ask the question...I was in line but as usual Misha dicked around too much to get to many people, so it's up to you now!

Heh, he does that doesn't he? :p I'd noticed it wasn't coming up in any of the reports so I figured something like that. Oh Misha.

Well, I'm going to 2 cons this year - Rome and Asylum 8. So ONE of them should give me a chance right?! :)

I wasn't even close... stood there in line the whole time and they kept moving us so the people on the sides could see and I didn't even get any good pictures! :(

Anyway...I'm going to Vancon I think so if you don't get it at your two I'll try again!

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