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OK...going to attempt to bring some order to this madness.  Bear with me while I do that!  Trying to decide how to categorize things first then I'll get to the linking part!

Most of my fics are Gen since I most enjoy writing the Dean/Castiel relationship as canon as possible.  I do have a few slashy ones, but they are very tame...even my Het fics are tame.  If you are looking for hard core porn I'm not your author!

Also I'm just adding the links ATM so I can get everything started.  I'll add descriptions so you know what they are about from here once I get the fics posted and linked.  I also have many to bring over from FF so that is going to take a while :(  Unfortunately they deleted one of my longest ones (and as far as I know a favorite of many people), so recreating that one will take a bit.  I'm going to go with the One Shots first since that will get the vast majority of them transferred. Once that is done I'll also post the ones not already posted there to deancastiel

Gen Fics

Not a slashy bit in sight for those of you who prefer your Dean & Castiel in a brotherly relationship. 

Someone To Take Care of Me

Three Minutes to Midnight


Male Bonding

Let Me Stretch My Wings


These may contain some pre-slash...or hint at slash, but none of them contains more than a kiss (not necessarily on the lips) or longing caress.  You'll have to really put your slash goggles on to see anything here.

The Porcelain God

Reading Glasses


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