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7.18 Party On Garth..and give me flashbacks of Jar Jar Binks
Frankly, the more I think about it the more I hate this episode with a passion (except for the last minute or so and the trailer for 7.19)

First off let me say that I like D.J. Qualls and enjoyed him in Memphis beat, but his character in Supernatural is getting on my nerves.  He was great for comic relief in the other episode, but in 7.19 he just pushed ALL the wrong buttons.  How is this guy even still alive?  

OK so the episode starts with the standard "introduce the MOW" scene.  Ghost story...check...scary noises...check...non-scary person making ripping someone's insides out...check.

When we first see Dean and Sam, Dean is talking Meg on the phone about Castiel.  We couldn't have at least had a shot of poor Castiel suffering after we finally got him back last week? At least he got a mention...I was afraid he wouldn't even get that.

So cue Garth calling for help after he figures out that salting and burning the aforementioned ghost's bones didn't do the trick.When a little girl accidentally takes ONE SIP of her mother's Screwdriver, apparently that's enough that she can see it as it eviscerates her Mom.  Dean, Sam, and Garth show up to question her and Garth pulls out a freakin' hand puppet named Mr. Fizzles when she won't talk?  Now alot of people thought that was hilarious judging by my twitter feed (and the fact that Mr. Fizzles started trending), but I found the whole thing rather grating and not believable.  The kid just saw her mother killed and some grating puppet voice (shades of Jar Jar Binks) is going to get her to talk?  Maybe if she were younger, but I think the kid in question was a tad old for that to work.  I just didn't get it.

Now we are finally on to the research part in which we find out you have to be drunk to see the monster.  We've spent all season giving a dark tone to Dean's drinking problem, so now it's OK to throw in a "funny" episode making light of it and MAKING him get drunk? Please. At least when Sam left the bar to get to the scene of the final show down they had him take a taxi, but other than that it made entirely too much "light" of Dean's problem an alcoholism in general.

There were a few funny moments that I did like.  Dean getting the Japanese chef guy to bless the samurai sword while he poured a bottle of water over it to simulate a running stream was pretty good I guess, and leaving the price tag hanging off of it even as he ganking the monster.  That was about the only redeeming thing about it besides the very end.

So we've foreshadowed Bobby the ghost all episode with Garth and his or Dean's EMF meter and then find out that Sam tried to contact him through an Ouija board when it first started happening.  Ooops! Sam's hiding something from Dean AGAIN.  Haven't we learned that lesson by now boys?

Now we see them getting ready to part ways.  A Bobby looking figure appears behind them in the room as they walking out.  Is it really him?  Garth awkwardly hugs Dean and Sam outside. Dean and Sam look suitably disgusted by it.  GARTH gets a hug and Castiel STILL hasn't?  Maybe Castiel doesn't want a hug, but damn it he deserves one and WE the Castiel fangirls deserve one after all we've been through.  

Snide comments are made about Dean and Sam's newest ride (an AMC Pacer I believe  I haven't really checked) and then Dean realizes he's left Bobby's flask in the room.  Now I get why he's carried it all season, but haven't they hunted down enough items containing ghost parts that cause people to be haunted to KNOW better?  Why is it taking them this long to figure it out?  It's not like this is Season 2 or something.  So he goes back in and there stands Bobby, he doesn't see him of course and Bobby says the obligatory "Balls" and "Idjit".

Kudos to Jim Beaver and the cast (and IMDB) for keeping this a secret, but it pisses me off that we had NO spoilers for this and last weeks Castiel return was spoiled so much that we knew just about everything that was going to happen.  The only real surprise was how it ended. Why couldn't Castiel's return have been so dramatic?  I'm pissed beyond words.  The timing of this episode sucked, both in its positioning in the season and within the episode it's self.

I don't have good feelings about what will happen with Castiel at this point.  I thought after last week we might just have a shot at a satisfying resolution, but this week's episode just sent those good thoughts down the drain. The direction we are going doesn't look good.

NOW we have to wait another 2 weeks to see Bobby come back...and I bet Castiel is no where to be seen in that one either.  I give up.

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Yeah, this is why I don't watch anymore. I'm sick of being disappointed by bad writing, inconsistent plots, inappropriate jokes, and the overall destruction of every character we have been introduced to in the first five seasons.
No thank you. :|

This one sort of put the final nails in my coffin. It just didn't do anything for me except for the last minutes and even that pissed me off. I just don't know if I can summon up any interest in watching when we finally get to the final episodes.

I hate that you feel so sad about it all because all your points make sense and it makes me a little sorry that none of them are sticking on me because I'm feeling too much glee.

Because yes, the stuff about alcohol and Dean's potential alcoholism is an issue. But, see, I never wanted it to be a storyline in the first place, I always thought that was a bad way to go and never really believed they would deal with the issue seriously. Therefore having this episode basically go 'POOF! stuff about Dean and alcohol doesn't matter any more!' didn't really bother me, because it was what I wanted, you know?

Same thing with mentioning Cas - hints at regular check ups are all I was expecting and hoping for. They are enough for me.

100% on the puppet, oh GOD, I wanted the floor to swallow me up it was so bad. The only way to get over it will be through over exposure until I'm numb to the whole thing... The girl getting drunk on a sip was also absurd, yes.

As to other things - I'm pretty sure now the massive reveals about Misha's return and Cas' story (which I managed to miss a lot of btw, so it didn't effect me greatly) were IN ORDER to make sure Bobby's return was a surprise. Because, much as we all love Jim, with all the hysteria around Cas atm, anything to do with Misha was guaranteed to overshadow what was going on with Bobby. Ergo, I'm inclined to think they played that well. There was no chance they could keep Misha's return quiet, so they controlled the leakage by making themselves the ones providing the leaks, keeping us all distracted while they secretly snuck Bobby in there. I can't hate it, because I've got Cas back and I still got a surprise return of a character I love.

As to them not figuring it out - I see it not so much as them being dumb, but being too afraid to hope. They've been through so much heartache recently, they don't want to start believing Bobby might be with them on the offchance they will be disappointed and/or have him snatched away again (as has just happened with Cas).

So yeah. I'm not trying to win you over with this word vomit or anything. I just know my review will probably sicken you with its optermism and I kinda wanted to drop by and let you know that I actually do value your opinions on the matter too and I respect your arguments because they make sense! I do! It's just... the show is giving me personally what I want and I'm too shallow to fight that I guess :p

I read yours and I can see your points too (I'm a horrible debater because I'm good at seeing both sides and agreeing with them even if I'm on the other side) I wrote this without looking at any other "reviews" mainly because I was so determined that I didn't like it I wanted to spew it before anyone else had a chance to "turn" me. It's OK and getting Bobby back...sort of...was worth it, but I'm still a little pessimistic about Cas.

I'm not in love with it, but I'll give it a chance until I see what they are going to do with Cas.

Sounds fair enough :)

I know I'm a bit of a sick puppy to be so happy about Cas' situation atm. But the angst/tragedy combo is just hitting all my kinks, it's perfect for me ;p

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